I began in TV animation (1990–2000) where I worked in nearly all aspects of production, from key animation to layout to storyboards, on numerous shows (TMNT, Beetlejuice) and direct-to-video feature films. That period included a two-year stint in Indonesia where I helped found a studio there called Red Rocket Animation, where I acted as Creative Director and trained all the artists. 
I left animation in 2000 to work full-time as a freelance illustrator, later including graphic design and web design to clients as well. In 2003 I co-founded a collective of Vancouver illustrators called the Jupiter Project. Since 2003, I've continued to design T-shirts which you can buy online at porkpiebrand.com or at a several bricks-and-mortar shops here in Vancouver.
In 2013 I returned to animation and have worked as Layout Posing Supervisor for DHX Media on DreamWorks' The Mr Peabody & Sherman Show. Following this I storyboarded and did character posing/key animation on their next Jay Ward reboot: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. 
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